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The Earth Is Dying


9 thoughts on “ The Earth Is Dying

  1. Jun 04,  · The "Great Dying," the biggest extinction the planet has ever seen, happened some million years ago and was largely caused by greenhouse Author: Christopher Joyce.
  2. Oct 26,  · The Earth is Dying The Earth’s climate has been warming and changing since the beginning of it's existence. However, the Earth's climate is changing more quickly now than it ever has before, worrying many scientists.
  3. Jun 24,  · Planet Earth is dying all around us on a scale not seen since the annihilation of the dinosaurs. That's the alarming finding of a new study on extinction rates recently published in Science Author: Tom Mckay.
  4. As factories burn coal, oil and nasty pollutants–all of that gets released into the air. These toxic chemicals & gases then become trapped within our atmosphere. This and all leads to the arctic ice to melt because the earth’s temperature increases. Not a good outlook for the polar bears and every other animal that survive off of ice.
  5. The land is red and stained with blood. The waters are poisoned with rotting flesh. The air is thick with deadly smog. The trees are dead they're bleeding life. Our lives are forfit and incomplete. The grass is brown yet animals eat it. The colors have faded to black and brown. As our Mother, Earth is slowly dying. And no one seams to notice.
  6. There are many more pieces of evidence that prove our Earth is dying at a rapid pace, too. Even though saving the world seems a little far fetched, it is possible. All it takes is passion, love, and participation. If your destination is less than a few blocks, walk, ride your bike or carpool!
  7. Dec 05,  · Hey, this is not my song I copied the sound from tiktok and made everything else myself:).
  8. The Earth is billion years old, but I don't think the Earth is dying as we think of ourselves as dying. The Earth is renewing itself every day. The earth recycles itself, it does it on land and water through the interaction between the tectonic and the hydrologic systems causes constant recycling of the materials of the Earth's crust.
  9. Why our planet Earth is dying? 1. One of the biggest global killers is “Pollution” that affects millions of people i.e. global diseases like Malaria and HIV. 2. Due to global warming more than 1 million species have already faced extinction. 3. Thanks to global warming, studies reveal that by the end of the century, around people.

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